Men should indulge in cellular rejuvenation skin treatments too

Like women, men also require protection against common signs of aging and have a healthy, refreshed look when they go to work the next day. In order that your dull and tired skin gets the necessary moisture and nourishment, cellular rejuvenation is essential for men too when it comes to skin care. There are a variety of products available in the market for cellular rejuvenation and anti-aging but it is better to invest in an anti-aging treatment once or twice in a month to get an expert to work and massage on your skin on the face. Men’s grooming also requires effort like women and the Enrich Salon’s cellular rejuvenation treatment for men is worth a try.

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Rejuvenation Skin Treatments

The treatment involves use of creams that will help in smoothening fine lines and tightness of skin. The experts then use a DNA cleansing cream to clean the skin. A exfoliating scrub is used later and steam is provided to the otherwise dull skin to open the pores and the facial skin is massaged well removing blackheads. A Brightening serum is used with help of ultra-sound machine. It corrects the discoloration of the skin & lightens the marks on the skin.  A massage is given with Vitamin C cream. Vitamin C reduces first sign of ageing, Stimulates the fibroblasts to increase the production of collagen and elastin. It Improve the skin micro circulation ,because they are antioxidants, they protect themselves. Their associated actions have stimulating preventive effects against the negative effects of the environment and age. This is followed up by a Alpine moor mud mask for Regenerating, energizing for stressed, tired skin and finally a sun block is applied as finishing touches to the whole experience.

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This whole procedure is specially used to brighten dull skin and is a powerful blend of humic acid, phyto hormones  and natural extracts. It not only improves the skin tone but also aids in improving the texture and works as an effective moisturizing agent that ensures long lasting hydration for the dull skin. The treatment works overnight as your skin rests and facial muscles also rest to provide enough time for the damaged areas on the skin to work during the night. It rejuvenates and refreshes the skin and makes it ready to meet the stress and demands of extreme weather conditions outside your home the next day. Regular treatments like these help in keeping the skin away from premature aging, wrinkles and give an all round pampering required for the facial skin. So with just a few simple procedures, your skin is again looking just right and you look much younger too!


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