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Skin can look tired at times when you are constantly exposing it to sunlight, harsh weather conditions and even working under stressful conditions at work. Even as you age gracefully and believe that you are young at heart, it is important that you make your skin feel and look also younger. It is for this reason that the Enrich Salon has introduced the Black Mask specially formulated to nourish and rejuvenate your skin, specially your facial skin.

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This natural mud comes from Canadian peat bogs close to Ottawa, in a valley sparsely populated and not polluted. This peloid is extracted in the winter, 15 meters under the frozen ground, where the thermal water is continuously running. It contains plant extract, organic substances, minerals & trace elements.

The mask works specially to detoxify, purify and brighten your skin. The jet black mask is applied to your face after a sprey of moisturizer are added to it. Made with natural ingredients present in minerals the mask draws out dirt and oil from your face. Powerful antioxidants energize & rejuvenate your skin. Once removed, you see the bright effects on the face as it wipes away the stress and ageing that the skin generally shows.

Black Face Mask

You must consult your beautician or dermatologist before going in for any treatments, but the mask works on almost all kinds of skin. The mask specially helps women in cellular metabolism, detoxify and brighten your complexion. It also remineralise the skin making it healthy. We all think that a normal face wash and moisturizer is all that one needs to take care of the skin. Maybe an occasional fruit facial, or natural facial masks are good for the skin. But these masks at beauty salons really help in making you shine and look bright at parties and social dos within 10 minutes. And it’s not just about social dos. One needs to undergo such treatments also for feeling good from within. Many times your nose looks a shade darker or there are blackheads on your chin and you trip those strips to remove them but with no results. The best thing about the black mask is it does not break into cracks and washes away easily with a wash cloth. It reduces hypersensitivity of the skin.

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So go ahead, pamper yourself with the Black Mask Treatment at Enrich Salon, experience the magic of Black Mask & step out in style. You will believe when you get compliments at work. So just like you take care of those little things that you do to make your work perfect, invest in these beauty treatments, it will add to your personality and grooming.

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