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What works on western women when it comes to hair colour would not be ideal or recommended for Indian women, is something that all women in India should understand well. How many times do you see an extremely fair woman walk on the streets with blonde hair and instead of she being recognized as an Indian, she is mistaken to be some foreign identity! Another issue is also about copying the west and how Indian women blindly copy hair colour ideas from the west and they look odd. For this utmost importance is to understand your skin tone and what will ideally suit your face as the weather conditions here are also different. We give you tips on how to choose the right hair colour for your skin type and what really makes you stand out.

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Hair Colour with Funky look

Natural tones

Browns, Mohagony and burgundy are generally in trend for Indian women. The best way to opt for a colour is something that compliments your skin tone and not flashes on your face .

Women opt for different shades of brown in India because it is the safest way to experiment with your new look. Ash brown and mahogany are generally what people opt for but then again consult your hairstylist before you try it.

Darker shades like Mohagony, violet brown , red brown etc generally suit disky skin tone .

Red colour

Many people like wearing  red colour  their hair ,as it brings out their loud personality. Vibrant colors act are also  a mode of expressing  their personality.

Blonde Color

Blonde is a beautiful color to wear, Not all women love the color, simply coz they feel it may be too loud, however it’s a very beautiful color to wear ,there are so many shades in Bloned from dark to light, choose according to your skin tone and place is correctly. If global blonde is too much to carry , wear it with Highlights , few strands of blonde hear and there, it works best.

Funky look

Purples, blues and plums are often seen on women and they often invite attention with people ending and starting conversations with only that. They don’t suit all Indian tones so maybe a streak or two work on Indian faces but otherwise only women who prefer to really experiment with their look go for such colours.

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