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You have often seen cracked heels and dry feet in those ads that appear on TV. While we all see it, very few people take that extra care to look after the feet during winter. Almost all women have cracked heels during winters and as you see women step out in style, very few women have perfectly clean and delicate feet in the fancy footwear at social dos. Winters require special care of feet and you must see that they don’t get dark and develop cracks. We give you ways on how to take care of your feet this winter.

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Soak your feet in lukewarm water

Fill a tub with lukewarm water and soak your feet in it.

Add a moisturizer or shower gel to the lukewarm water before you soak your feet in it. Sometimes people also add salt to the water if the feet are aching to relax them. Soak them for around 10 minutes.

Remove the dry skin

The first step towards taking care of your feet is removing the dead skin through a pumice stone when you take bath and keep the dark cracks away. Rub the pumice stone until you can’t see dead skin on your heels.

Foot Masks and Scrub

While there are hundreds of natural therapies available from your grandmother and spoken about in the books, many people opt for applying overripe bananas, a mixture of olive oil and sugar which help in exfoliating the skin and get rid of dead cells. But before you do this, you should always consult your beautician because not every skin is resistant to all kinds of natural therapies.

Moisturising the feet

Once you have removed the dead skin and improved blood circulation in the feet in the soaked water, the next step is to nourish the feet with a good moisturizer. Take a thick coat of cream or petroleum jelly or olive oil and apply it firmly on the heels. Some people also mix glycerine, lemon juice and a honey and apply it on the cracked heels and leave it overnight. This will help lighten the scars or cracks and make your feet look beautiful.

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Enrich Salon’s Signature Foot Spa treatments and Leg Beautifying and Specialized Foot Spa treatments are ideally suited for giving your feet that special care during winters. These treatments provide the ideal foot scrubs and masks required to treat your feet well and let them breathe. The feet get rejuvenated and nourished with these treatments. Signature Foot Spa eventually heals the dryness & cracks of heels.

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