Dazzling Looks For the Winter Months

Winter is synonymous with harsh weather, biting cold and arid wind. But it is also a season where we party the most. When the world ushers in the New Year, everyone loves to look their stunning best. But ironically only a handful of these party hoppers get their looks right.

To begin with you need to consider the outfit you intend to wear. Dress for the occasion, else you may seem out of place with your overdone up, painted look or conversely you may end up being the plain Jane in the midst of stunning style divas. Hence choose the outfit with care. If it’s a night party you can choose anything which shimmers. Black is the favourite of all partygoers and is the safest preposition. However if you wish to stand apart then you may also try out silver and other metallic shades. They look trendy and also go with the party spirit.

The next thing to tackle is the makeup. First of all begin with the cleansing routine and then go on to apply a mineral foundation. This will help to keep the skin supple and hydrated.

Winter Beauty Tips

While choosing the blush opt for any shade in the hues of pink, coral or brown. Neutral shades are more suited for the winters and hence you can add them to your make up palate.

We often tend to be covered or holed up indoors during the winters and hence the skin often looks pale. By accentuating your eyes with a brown or charcoal liner you can add some spark to your look. A smokey look works best and hence you can use an eye shadow and blend it well to get the perfect eyes.

Ensure that your lips are not dry or chapped and choose the shades of the lipstick which contrasts your outfit. This will draw attention to your pout which enhances your looks completely.

Your hair too needs to be conditioned well to attain the perfect silky fall. If your hair is fuzzy then opt for a styling gel so that your hair is not in an unruly mess. During winters there is a lot of static and this makes the hair more brittle. So it is always better to tie your hair rather than let it flow loose. French knots or stylish braids with beads look good and are evergreen styles which are never out of vogue.

Select your footwear with care. Try out long boots which give you a stylish looks while keeping your feet warm and cozy.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and so never overdo your beauty regime. Rather dress to the hilt and for the occasion and look a picture perfect image of perfection and class.

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