How To Manage Your Unruly Tresses in Winter?

Winter is marked by a sudden dip in the temperature coupled with dryness in the atmosphere. Although it is a season where we get respite from the sultry summer heat, yet it does have its own woes. When winter lays its icy hands on us mortals, then our hair, skin and lips bear the brunt of its ire. Our hair especially tends to become more brittle, loose and dry. If you are one of those who lament the onset of winter only because of the terror it unleashes on your lovely tresses, then these tips are surely going to help you to put an end to the ongoing battle with this lovely season. So lets extend and olive branch, call it a truce and begin with our simple and easy to execute tips which will help you to have great hair in winter.

Manage Your Unruly Tresses in WinterThe first rule is never move out of the house with wet hair. We are often so pressed for time that we rush out to catch the first bus even before the last drops of water have dried. But this is positively not good for your hair, especially during winters. One obvious reason is that you may catch a cold and end up sneezing all day long. Another reason is that wet hair tends to attract more static and this will leave your hair in an unruly, tangled mess. It is best to use a blow drier before you move out or else ensure that you shampoo your hair well before leaving, giving it ample time to dry.

Never skip the conditioner as the hair is already extra dry during winter. Keep your hair tangle free at all times. It is best to keep it tied up rather than loose to prevent static. Avoid running your hands through your hair during winter as this will only make them more brittle and leads to split ends. Excessive finger combing causes more harm than good and so it is best avoided during winter.

Pamper your hair with a good hot oil treatment. Olive oil or almond oil is an excellent choice. This adds bounce and life to your hair and prevents it from looking lifeless. If your hair resembles a bale of straw during winter then all you need to do is use a good shampoo with extra nourishment, once you are done with it then rub some hot almond oil onto your hair while it is still moist and then cover it with a hot towel. Leave it on for a while so that the nourishing effects seep in the scalp. The process of healing has just begun and now all you need to do is sit back and relax for a while.

Your flowing tresses will surely be a cause of envy for all if you follow these simple tips to enjoy great hair in winter.


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