Silky Luscious Hair In Winter- A Dream Come True

Winter is in and along with it there is a dip in the temperature. Although it does usher in a festive season and with New Year fast approaching you would love to look your best.

However the biting cold, the blowing wind, the dryness in the air and the sudden change of climate do take a toll on your wonderful tresses and leave them dull, dry, brittle and unruly. In fact, most people dread winter only due to the disastrous effect it has on the hair. But now there is no reason to lament any further. With some expert advice you will surely be able to battle the winter woes and enjoy the envious looks people cast at your mane.

For people constantly on the move, the wind is a great culprit which simply blows away the shine from your hair, leaving it as an unruly tangled nest. Your perfect chic and suave look is simply, “gone with the wind”, but you can retain hat by simply opting for a leave in conditioner which you can safely apply post every wash. This conditioner will not only strengthen your hair but also ensure that your tresses are tangle free. You can also opt for a shine boosting serum which can help to get the shine back.

Silky Luscious Hair In Winter

Often winter causes a lot of static and leaves your face in a mess with hair strewn in the most unruly manner. If you face these issues then all you need to do is hunt for a new conditioner. Conditioning not only strengthens your hair but also reduces the static it will produce, so you need to use conditioners more often. You can also opt for a leave in hair care product. Look around and you will find numerous sprays, gels and creams which can help you.

During winters the hair also tends to become Dry and Unruly and so you do need to opt for a protein rich treatment on a weekly basis to ensure that the strength and luster is retained.

Bid goodbye to volumizing shampoos and replace them with moisturizing shampoos which are better suited for winters.

Also ensure that you focus on a balanced diet and give up on the junk as all these also have an impact on your hair.

These simple treatments are sure to help you to flaunt your lovely tresses and be the cause of envy to people around you.

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