Easy Winter Eye Make Up Techniques

There is a lot more to winter than the gloom and arid weather. In fact, winter also marks the onset of the festive season. Come December, we all gear up to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ which is followed by New Year where celebrations are at their peak. Its parties, food and fun all the way around until you drop down exhausted. That is not the end to it, the Valentine fever simply catches up to you and you have to simply look your best despite the harsh weather.

Eye Make Up TechniquesThe biting cold often makes your skin look pale and lusterless and the dark under eye circles become even more prominent during these months. So first of all we need to master the art to conceal these unsightly dark secrets. For this you need to apply three small dots of concealer below the eye. Begin from the innermost corner where the discoloration is most obvious and then follow up towards the pupils and the outer edges. Remember not to rub it with your fingers, instead pat it slowly until it blends with the skin color and the concealer is no longer visible.

With the issue of dark circles taken care of, you now need to apply some eye shadow primer on the eyelids. This helps to keep the eye shadow intact for long hours and is best suited for late night parties and long hours.

You can add a dash of eyeliner as well but ensure that it suits your attire and does not look outlandish. If you wish to attain a smoky eye look which is ideal for winters then you can dab some dark eyeshadow on the upper and lower lid and pat it with a brush. Experiment with shaded eye shadows only if you are confident else it will look patchy and fake. Hence it is advice that you do a practice run for a couple of days before to get the shade right.

If you are planning to use fake lashes then try them out for a few times to get comfortable. If you are gifted with naturally long lashes then you can also curl them with a blow dryer to get the perfect shape. Finish the look with mascara if you wish to accentuate your lashes and look picture perfect with your professional winter eye makeup look.


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