How To Attain Perfect Looks This Winter

Winter is in and along with it commences the party season. Everyone wishes to look their best and usher in the New Year amidst admiring glances and appreciative smiles. However, most people often end up fretting and fuming as they try in vain to attain the perfect winter look.

The weather often takes a toll on the skin and leaves it lusterless.  It is common for people to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror, but yet find something amiss or incomplete. So here we run through some quick techniques to help you to attain the ideal winter make up look.

The most common mistake which people make is to use the same foundation for all seasons. Well, this is not a very good idea because often the skin tends to darken during the winter and hence you need to match the foundation as well as the concealer and ensure that it still matches your skin tone.

Perfect Looks in this Winter

The skin is often pale during winters and so blemishes are more prominent. To cover up these it is better to opt for a dewy finish. But in case you wish to stick to the conventional matte finish then ensure that your skin is well hydrated and never forget to use a skin primer to even out the flakey tones. During winters begin your make up regime by exfoliating your skin and then applying a hydrating serum on the face and neck. Never neglect the eye cream and moisturizer. It will be a good idea to apply some face primer before you go for the foundation as this will hide the uneven skin tones completely.

You can then team it up with the perfect lip colors and also apply some eye makeup as well. Depending on the occasion you can go easy or liberal on the use of colors and add a dash of color on your cheeks.

With this your prefect winter look is complete and you are all set to raise the temperature with your looks despite the biting cold.

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