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In almost two decades, we’ve emerged as India’s largest company owned and operated unisex salon chain.  In Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad, we are market leaders in our category and in Bengaluru and Vadodara we are making swift progress in that direction

Started in Mumbai, we are now spread across Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Vadodara. We are market leaders in our category. In our industry, we are known for our focus on training, customer focus, service consistency and quality standards

Our first salon was set up in 1997 as a venture among friends who had little background in the industry. This created respect and partnership with technicians on the floor, and made the management focus intensely on building a sense of entrepreneurship and scale. Partnerships with L'Oreal, Remy Laure, Agelock, and other product partners have also contributed immensely.

We believe that love has to begin with you. And when you love yourself, the world loves you too! We see ourselves working alongside our Customers to make them look and feel very good about themselves. For us, Employees come first and in that sense they are our first Customers. When they love what they do the same spirit extends to the Customers that they serve. The students in our academy, they are the future of our salons and of our industry. When they start with an intense passion for their craft then learning becomes the most fulfilling experienceAt Enrich we actively collaborate with our Employees, Students and Customers to help them realize their potential

As a predominantly service driven organization our people are our strength. Planet Enrich is an expression of our culture and our belief in the power of the collective – of what we can achieve when we combine well. With the help of its ambassadors in every salon, Planet Enrich provides proof of this power through various activities on a regular basis.

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